Men's and women's baseball apparel, gear, accessories, performance wear and more from the owners of Dirtbags Baseball.

About Dirtbags Baseball

Dirtbags Philosophy

Dirtbags believe achieving lasting success is simple. Do things the right way. Focus on fundamentals, honesty, integrity and consistent hard work. We believe in climbing the ladder of success one rung at a time. When Dirtbags leave our program, they know they have earned their baseball success.

Dirtbags Players

Our program is based on building a wide base of skills. We do this by playing a challenging, competitive schedule each season, creating a strong team environment for players to compete with other like-minded players to challenge them and providing a top notch staff that is passionate about each player showing continuous improvement to move to the next level in baseball.

Dirtbags Staff and Facilities

Our coaching staff ensures fundamentals are sound while continually assessing what each player needs to reach their full potential. Our program also offers a unique benefit by providing certified staff in speed, strength and agility training techniques in a state of the art training center designed specifically to improve baseball skills.

College and Professional Baseball

Our athletes want to continue their baseball careers playing college and professional baseball. We support them by having them fully prepared to get to that level and stay there by teaching our players how to be prepared for the college baseball recruiting process and the Major League Baseball draft process to enable them to make the best decision possible for their future baseball careers.

We want the absolute best for our players and our organization works hard to provide it to each one of our players by living our philosophy, providing a top-shelf coaching staff and innovative future oriented thinking, equipment and facilities to help them every step of the way.